Processional Instructions

Faculty and administrators participating in the academic procession of the commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 12, should assemble in Pascal Field House no later than 9 AM. Parking will be available in the Grounds Lot.

Staff Marshals will be on hand to help facilitate the processional line. The faculty will march in a single-file line. When the candidates for degrees have taken their places, the faculty will march onto the field and then to their seats.

Traditionally, women wear academic caps at all times, and men remove their caps during the National Anthem and opening invocation and replace them for the conferring of degrees.

Order of the Ceremony

National Anthem
Greetings from Students and Faculty Representatives
Welcome Remarks by President Price
Conferring of Honorary Degrees
The Commencement Address
Conferring of Earned Degrees
Concluding Remarks
Alma Mater
The Recessional: Members of the faculty will follow the platform party.