Commencement Weekend
May 8 - 10, 2015

Commencement Instructions

When and where to line up

Degree candidates should assemble no later than 8:15 a.m. on the patio between Tyler's Taproom and the Crowe Lobby. Late arrivals will not be able to march with fellow graduates. 

Specific details for where to park and how to access the line-up area will be posted here in late March.

Processional instructions

At 9 a.m., the procession will begin to move east down Jackie Robinson Drive. Once the procession begins, follow the person in front of you and stay in your original column. Please walk briskly and make sure there are no gaps in the line in front of you. Candidates will be seated on the field according to school and degree.

When you reach the row to which you are directed, please walk to the end of the aisle quickly to find a seat. There will be a stack of programs on the end seat of each row, and the candidate occupying that seat should pass the stack of programs along the row. Please remain standing until the members of the platform party are seated after the National Anthem and the Invocation.

What not to bring

No food, drink (other than water), smoking or chewing gum allowed in the line-up area. Backpacks and oversized purses that do not fit underneath gowns will be confiscated and held until the end of the ceremony.

What to wear

Degree candidates should dress in academic apparel (cap, gown and hood). Academic caps are worn during the procession. Men remove their caps for the National Anthem and the Invocation and replace them for the conferring of degrees. Women keep their caps in place during the entire ceremony. The tassel of the academic cap is worn always on the left and front side.

Please be mindful of the temperature when deciding what to wear under your gown, as there is no shade on the field. Low heels or flats are most appropriate for navigating the procession. Spiked heels are prohibited.

Recessional Instructions

When the ceremony is concluded and members of the faculty and administration have departed, graduates will recess from the seating area via marked pathways. Graduates are then free to proceed to the locations where diplomas are to be distributed.